Here at Merlin Motor Works, no car problem is too challenging or too small for us!

Merlin Motor Works’ founder, Wee Kuee San, aims to provide customer satisfaction in all that we do. Through excellent customer service and unparalleled professionalism, Merlin Motor Works has become one of the country’s most reliable car workshops where many Singapore car owners go to for car repairs and upgrading.

We provide a full suite of automotive solutions, including:

  • • Second hand car inspection
  • • Regular car servicing
  • • Engine overhaul
  • • Car aircon repair

Our complete car servicing package includes:

Undercarriage Inspection
Suspension Check
Change of Engine Oil
Change of Oil Filter
Break Pads Replacement
Change of Spark Plugs
Battery Check
Complimentary Car Wash


Vehicle woes? Merlin Motor Works is your one-stop workshop for your car. You can rest assured that all repair, upgrading and maintenance works done on your car will be done efficiently with top notch quality. Our team of professional mechanics and automotive experts are guaranteed to provide you with fast and specialized services.

In our workshop, you can bring in your car for all kinds of repairs and upgrades:

Engine Overhaul
Change of Aircon Compressor
Car Parts Replacement
Accident Repair and Insurance Claims
Custom Car Respray
Engine Upgrades